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Spin entangled state transfer in quantum dot arrays: Coherent adiabatic and speed-up protocols

Yue Ban, Xi Chen, Sigmund Kohler, and Gloria Platero
Adv. Quantum Technol. 2019, 00048 (2019)

Long-distance transfer of quantum states is an indispensable part of large-scale quantum information processing. We propose a novel scheme for the transfer of two-electron entangled states, from one edge of a quantum dot array to the other by coherent adiabatic passage. This protocol is mediated by pulsed tunneling barriers. In a second step, we seek for a speed up by shortcut to adiabaticity techniques. This significantly reduces the operation time and, thus, minimizes the impact of decoherence. For typical parameters of state-of-the-art solid state devices, the accelerated protocol has an operation time in the nanosecond range and terminates before a major coherence loss sets in. The scheme represents a promising candidate for entanglement transfer in solid state quantum information processing.
arXiv:1904.05694 [cond-mat]

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