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Fidelity and entanglement of a spatially extended linear three-qubit register

Roland Doll, Martijn Wubs, Sigmund Kohler, and Peter Hänggi
Int. J. Quantum Inf. 6, 681 (2008)

We study decoherence of a three-qubit array coupled to substrate phonons. Assuming an initial three-qubit entangled state that would be decoherence-free for identical qubit positions, allows us to focus on non-Markovian effects of the inevitable spatial qubit separation. It turns out that the coherence is most affected when the qubits are regularly spaced. Moreover, we find that up to a constant scaling factor, two-qubit entanglement is not influenced by the presence of the third qubit, even though all qubits interact via the phonon field.
arXiv:0802.1930 [cond-mat]

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