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Exciton- and light-induced current in molecular nanojunctions

Boris D. Fainberg, Peter Hänggi, Sigmund Kohler, and Abraham Nitzan
AIP Conf. Proc. 1147, 78 (2009); International Conference on Transport and Optical Properties of Nanomaterials

We consider exciton- and light-induced current in molecular nanojunctions. Using a model comprising a two two-level sites bridge connecting free electron reservoirs we show that the exciton coupling between the sites of the molecular bridge can markedly effect the source-drain current through a molecular junction. In some cases when excited and unexcited states of the sites are coupled differently to the leads, the contribution from electron-hole excitations can exceed the Landauer elastic current and dominate the observed conduction. We have proposed an optical control method using chirped pulses for enhancing charge transfer in unbiased junctions where the bridging molecule is characterized by a strong charge-transfer transition.
arXiv:0902.0134 [cond-mat]

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