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Entanglement resonance in driven spin chains

Fernando Galve, David Zueco, Sigmund Kohler, Eric Lutz, and Peter Hänggi
Phys. Rev. A 79, 032332 (2009)

We consider a spin-1/2 anisotropic XY model with time-dependent spin-spin coupling as means of creating long-distance entanglement. We predict the emergence of significant entanglement between the first and the last spin whenever the ac part of the coupling has a frequency matching the Zeeman splitting. In particular, we find that the concurrence assumes its maximum with a vanishing dc part. Mapping the time-dependent Hamiltonian within a rotating-wave approximation to an effective static model provides qualitative and quantitative understanding of this entanglement resonance. Numerical results for the duration of the entanglement creation and its length dependence substantiate the effective static picture.
arXiv:0809.3712 [quant-ph]

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