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Probing two driven double quantum dots strongly coupled to a cavity

Si-Si Gu, Sigmund Kohler, Yong-Qiang Xu, Rui Wu, Shun-Li Jiang, Shu-Kun Ye, Ting Lin, Bao-Chuan Wang, Hai-Ou Li, Gang Cao, and Guo-Ping Guo
Phys. Rev. Lett. 130, 233602 (2023)

We experimentally and theoretically study a driven hybrid circuit quantum electrodynamics (cQED) system beyond the dispersive coupling regime. Treating the cavity as part of the driven system, we develop a theory applicable to such strongly coupled and to multi-qubit systems. The fringes measured for a single driven double quantum dot (DQD)-cavity setting and the enlarged splittings of the hybrid Floquet states in the presence of a second DQD are well reproduced with our model. This opens a path to study Floquet states of multi-qubit systems with arbitrarily strong coupling and reveals a new perspective for understanding strongly driven hybrid systems.

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