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Nonlocal thermoelectricity in a Cooper-pair splitter

Robert Hussein, Michele Governale, Sigmund Kohler, Wolfgang Belzig, Francesco Giazotto, and Alessandro Braggio
Phys. Rev. B 99, 075429 (2019)

We investigate the nonlocal thermoelectric transport in a Cooper-pair splitter based on a double-quantum-dot--superconductor three-terminal hybrid structure. We find that the nonlocal coupling between the superconductor and the quantum dots gives rise to nonlocal thermoelectric effects which originate from the nonlocal particle-hole breaking of the system. We show that Cooper-pair splitting induces the generation of a thermo-current in the superconducting lead without any transfer of charge between the two normal metal leads. Conversely, we show a nonlocal heat exchange between the normal leads mediated by non-local Andreev reflection. We discuss the influence of finite Coulomb interaction and study under which conditions nonlocal power generation becomes possible, and when the Cooper-pair splitter can be employed as a cooling device.
arXiv:1806.04569 [cond-mat]

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