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Coherent and incoherent chaotic tunneling near singlet-doublet crossings

Sigmund Kohler, Ralf Utermann, Peter Hänggi, and Thomas Dittrich
Phys. Rev. E 58, 7219 (1998)

In the spectrum of systems showing chaos-assisted tunneling, three-state crossings are formed when a chaotic singlet intersects a tunnel doublet. We study the dissipative quantum dynamics in the vicinity of such crossings. A harmonically driven double well coupled to a bath serves as a model. Markov and rotating-wave approximations are introduced with respect to the Floquet spectrum of the time-dependent central system. The resulting master equation is integrated numerically. We find various types of transient tunneling, determined by the relation of the level width to the inherent energy scales of the crossing. The decay of coherent tunneling can be significantly retarded or accelerated. Modifications of the quantum asymptotic state by the crossing are also studied. The comparison with a simple three-state model shows that in contrast to the undamped case, the participation of states outside the crossing cannot be neglected in the presence of dissipation.

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