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Gauging a quantum heat bath with dissipative Landau-Zener transitions

Martijn Wubs, Keiji Saito, Sigmund Kohler, Peter Hänggi, and Yosuke Kayanuma
Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 200404 (2006)

We calculate the exact Landau-Zener transitions probabilities for a qubit with arbitrary linear coupling to a bath at zero temperature. The final quantum state exhibits a peculiar entanglement between the qubit and the bath. In the special case of a diagonal coupling, the bath does not influence the transition probability, whatever the speed of the Landau-Zener sweep. It is proposed to use Landau-Zener transitions to determine both the reorganization energy and the integrated spectral density of the bath. Possible applications include circuit QED and molecular nanomagnets.

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