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Quantum router based on ac control of qubit chains

David Zueco, Fernando Galve, Sigmund Kohler, and Peter Hänggi
Phys. Rev. A 80, 042303 (2009)

We study the routing of quantum information in qubit chains. This task is achieved by suitably chosen time-dependent local fields acting on the qubits. Employing the physics of coherent destruction of tunneling, we demonstrate that a driving-induced renormalization of the coupling between neighboring qubits provides the key for controlling the transduction of quantum information between permanently coupled qubits. We employ this idea for building a quantum router. Moreover, we discuss the experimental implementation with Penning traps, and study the robustness of our protocol under realistic experimental conditions, such as fabrication uncertainties and decoherence.
arXiv:0905.4677 [quant-ph]

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