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Landau-Zener tunnelling in dissipative circuit QED

David Zueco, Peter Hänggi, and Sigmund Kohler
New J. Phys. 10, 115012 (2008)

We investigate the influence of temperature and dissipation on the Landau-Zener transition probability in circuit QED. Dissipation is modelled by coupling the transmission line to a bath of harmonic oscillators, and the reduced density operator is treated within Bloch-Redfield theory. A phase-space representation allows an efficient numerical implementation of the resulting master equation. It provides reliable results which are valid even for rather low temperatures. We find that the spin-flip probability as a function of temperature and dissipation strength exhibits a non-monotonic behaviour. Our numerical results are complemented by analytical solutions for zero temperature and for vanishing dissipation strength.
arXiv:0807.1748 [quant-ph]

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