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Entanglement and disentanglement in circuit QED architectures

David Zueco, Georg M. Reuther, Peter Hänggi, and Sigmund Kohler
Physica E 42, 363 (2010)

We propose a protocol for creating entanglement within a dissipative circuit QED network architecture that consists of two electromagnetic circuits (cavities) and two superconducting qubits. The system interacts with a quantum environment, giving rise to decoherence and dissipation. We discuss the preparation of two separate entangled cavity-qubit states via Landau-Zener sweeps, after which the cavities interact via a tunable "quantum switch" which is realized with an ancilla qubit. Moreover, we discuss the decay of the resulting entangled two-cavity state due to the influence of the environment, where we focus on the entanglement decay.
arXiv:0812.4253 [cond-mat]

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